We launched VaaS in April of 2024 and since that time, we’ve received several questions about the solution and it’s benefits. The questions below are a few of the most frequently asked questions. If you have questions not listed below, we’d love to explore them in a quick consultation.

Q:  Is it necessary to track value quarter-over-quarter? How much does my company value really change? 


A: Every decision you make as a business owner impacts the value of your company. The problem for many business owners is the disconnect between those decisions and their influence on value. VaaS helps business owners focus on driving value by highlighting the greatest opportunities (and threats) to their financial success.   


Q:How is VaaS different from other management tools offered within the MSP communities? 

A: VaaS is a financial tool that considers 16 direct and 8 indirect drivers of value. No other tool offers the breadth and depth of financial analysis. Other tools have different strengths and may focus on Operation Maturity Level (OML), EBITDA, revenue growth, or even industry multiples and although those impact your firm’s value, they do not capture all the elements that lead to value creation. Your value is driven by more than 3 factors and that’s why we developed the tool—to provide you as a business owner with the most robust analysis that will guide you as you seek to grow your company and create value.  


Q: What are the deliverables for VaaS subscribers? 

A: You will receive an annual valuation along with 3 quarterly updates tracking value creation quarter over quarter and year over year.  In addition to the annual report, you will also receive 24/7 access to your personalized dashboard showing how your company measures the 24 drivers of value utilized in our proprietary model. Your firm receives a score on all 24 factors along with an insight into how much your firm’s value would increase if you showed improvement on one of those factors.  Finally, you will also receive 3-5 personalized recommendations based on your valuation and data—all meant to drive value and get you to your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Q:  I’m not looking to sell right now. Why should I invest in VaaS? 

A: The old Chinese proverb asks: “When is the best time to plant a tree?  The answer?  10 years ago.  Second best time?  Today! Waiting until you’re ready to sell shortens the impact a tool like VaaS can have at helping you transform your company.  That said, just being on VaaS and working ON your business versus simply working IN your business has led to 40% of our initial cohort going to market and having a successful transaction within 1 year of beginning on the platform. 


Q: I’m looking to acquire an IT services firm. How can VaaS help me? 

A: We’ve found that buyers and sellers often split the cost of Vaas to get an objective valuation done prior to an LOI (Letter of Intent) to help level-set expectations.  Buyers like the tool because they get more than just a number (valuation).  They also get insight into the opportunities they will have to strengthen the company upon acquisition.  Sellers benefit from the tool—getting great insight into their value and making sure they do not leave money on the table.