Whatever your reasons for buying another business, your company’s growth awaits you.

But first, you need to acquire a business.

You leave about 50% of your growth on the table without an acquisitive strategy.

You can double your growth by buying another company.

Here’s an overview of what to expect during the Buy Side Advisory Services process.

Buyer Readiness // 4 WeeksPHASE 1

Once you contact us, we’ll schedule a time to clarify your intended goals and what to expect during the transaction process.

To best understand the accretive value of the acquisition you’re about to undertake, we’ll provide you with the following written documents:


Your Company’s Calculation of Value Report

Then, we’ll work with your senior leadership to assess the following:

Ideal Seller Persona


Access to capital


Operational maturity


Parameters of the deal structure


Verify organic growth strategy is in place


Overall readiness to assimilate an acquisition

Based on the review of all of the assessments and reports, we’ll advise you on whether an acquisition will accelerate your company’s growth.

Should you decide to proceed, we’ll invite you to a secure virtual data room (VDR) to share all the documents from the comprehensive seller Due Diligence for the negotiations phase.

Seller Identification // 3-4 MonthsPHASE 2

During this stage, we’ll build, pursue, and vet a list of seller prospects to determine their alignment with your ideal seller persona. When appropriate, we’ll move your best fit prospects forward in the process by having them:


Review and sign the Confidentiality Agreements


Schedule and attend introductory meetings


Calculation of Value of the Seller


Engage in facilitated negotiations


Technical & Business Review Meetings


Internal Rate of Return (IRR) modeling


Develop Letter of Intent (LOI)

Your senior management team will need to be available to attend prospective sellers interview calls, receive status updates and participate in validation calls.

Negotiations, Due Diligence & Closing // 2-4 MonthsPHASE 3

Once a Letter of Intent is signed, lawyers and accountants get involved. Then, the real work begins.

This phase covers all the steps from the time the offer is presented till the end of the closing proceedings. The goal over this two month period is to understand every aspect of the seller’s business. The nexus of activities center around these items:


Financial, legal, and operational reviews


Purchase & Employee Definitive Agreements for all leadership and shareholders


Post-merger integration planning

Includes transfer of knowledge


Facilitate closing proceedings and funding

*Please know that though we make every effort to deliver a successful outcome, not all offers will be successfully negotiated with the seller.

“What iTV pulled off in only four weeks was just INCREDIBLE! I have never worked with a team as good as them in getting a deal across the finish line and in record time. They have my absolute highest regards and my deepest gratitude for all did for all of our involved parties. This never would have happened without them.”

Donald S. Ratledge
CPA & MST, Zimny, Ratledge & Shaner, LLC

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