You want to expand your business. You found the right partner.

Now, it’s time for you to merge.

Immediately increase the value of your business by 30% or more via a merger.

Here’s an overview of what to expect during the Merger-as-a-Service (MaaS) process.

Merits of a Merger PHASE 1

The merger process begins by examining the value of each firm. To calculate the value, we complete a comprehensive review of the financials.

Then, we undergo a normalization process to determine the true economic benefit stream of each organization. Next, we consider the impact of national, local, and industry impacts on the organization. We also conduct a Cost of Capital analysis to look at the comparative risks of investing in the firm versus other investment opportunities.

We analyze the 8 value drivers of operational and market performance which drive the value of your firm. This analysis will provide recommendations in a written report to optimize the value of the firm and determine the return on investment of each of the recommendations.


Market-based Calculation of Value Report


Value Gap Analysis Report


Calculation of Value for the “merged” organization


Establish revised capitalization table based on a cashless tax-free merge with revised share price

This phase will provide each company with a calculated value of a 100% interest in the company on a controlling, non-marketable basis for a sale as well as the projected value of the converged organization.

If both organizations choose to move forward with merging their organizations, we’ll enter Phase II.

Managing the MergerPHASE 2

Once each organization decides to merge, we’ll facilitate the process to realize the cultural, strategic, and financial objectives of the shareholders of each organization.

Then, we’ll develop of the Statement of Intent (SOI) for each party.

Once the SOI is negotiated and signed, we facilitate all the remaining steps from the time the offer is presented till the end of the closing proceedings. The nexus of activities center around these items:


Mutual financial, legal, and operational reviews


Draft all the agreements and documents associated with the merge including:

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  • Merger Definitive Agreements
  • Representations & Warrants
  • Non-Competes, Non-Solicits
  • Intellectual Property Rights Assignments
  • New Operating Agreement inclusive of buy/sell terms and call/put rights

Facilitate closing proceedings and funding

“iTV’s due diligence process was excellent and Reed has a deep understanding of the MSP space. They made it very smooth and easy to do. Everything they said came to fruition, so it wasn’t intimidating at all. Their team was really patient, communicative and very responsive. Also, Reed did a wonderful job presenting the merger as a good deal for both of us, both the buyer and the seller. He had my best interest in mind as well as that of the buyer, which made me feel confident that I wasn’t leaving anything on the table or that I was not understanding everything. Reed did a fantastic job of explaining that iTV wanted this to be a good deal for everyone in it, which it turned out to be.”

Jeff Willems
President, CRSA Technologies

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