“IT Valuations was instrumental in initially preparing us for the sale of our business and guiding us through the entire process. We would not have been able to have done this without them. Although all transactions have their own set of complexities, there were many aspects of our sale that had to be tracked through the sales cycle and their team was able to keep us on track and continue to move the sale forward. Towards the end of the process, when there were a myriad of issues and details going back and forth, they made sure the buyer received all requested information in a timely manner. When there were sticking points, they worked closely with both parties to arrive at mutually agreeable resolutions. In addition, iTV simplified the entire process through their legal partnership with Virtus Law, which helped move us as a team towards the final, successful result. I would highly recommend iTV as both an advisor and a brokerage firm.”

Susan Crabtree
President, Mission Critical Systems

“I want to thank iTV for all they’ve done. Even though I’m a bit speechless and filled with a ton of emotion, I know that they were the right company for our partner transfer. Their guidance and prayers were sorely needed more than they’ll ever know. I will be referring them to every business owner I know.”

Hector Ortiz
Founder & CTO, Dega Systems

“It was a pleasure working with the iTV team. Despite a tight timeline, we were able to get the deal across the finish line. We couldn’t have done it without their help, so a huge thank you!”

Zachary DesMarais
Manager, Corporate Finance and Development

“What iTV pulled off in only four weeks was just INCREDIBLE! I have never worked with a team as good as them in getting a deal across the finish line and in record time. They have my absolute highest regards and my deepest gratitude for all did for all of our involved parties. This never would have happened without them.”

Donald S. Ratledge
CPA & MST, Zimny, Ratledge & Shaner, LLC

“Reed is very informed on the IT industry and current valuations of IT companies. He was able to put together an assessment very quickly and spent the time needed talking to our team about how the valuation was derived. Reed provided multiple valuation options for comparison and explained how each worked and what was most relevant given our needs.”

Lance Reid
CEO, Telcion Communications Group

“Thank you iTV for your patience, guidance and expertise in every segment of this transaction. They guided me every step of the way from the very beginning with such genuine care, concern and professionalism.”

Christina Mach
President & CEO, Apex IT Group

“Working with Reed and Heidi was a comfortable and easy process. There is a lot of information that needs to be gathered to do an accurate assessment of a technology business and they made it manageable and painless. The report we received about our business at the end of the process was priceless. Everything was broken down, easy to read and easy to understand.”

Michelle Padilla
CFO & COO, Telcion Communications Group

“The entire process from engaging ITV for a valuation to the actual sale of our business took about six months, which is a really short time frame. They were able to bring other peers and partners to the table and finish their own work very quickly. The whole ITV team did an excellent job of pulling together all the meeting and the due diligence, which helped us meet a tight timeline that both the buyer and I were looking for. I think the most helpful thing with working with ITV was their ability put everything together and guide us through the things that we didn’t know about. They were able to shine light on which directions we needed to go and what we needed to concentrate on. Especially, when it came to the due diligence items. Due diligence is a huge challenge for anybody but it’s essential to getting a good pulse on what it’s going to take for your ultimate exit and it helps you correct some things midstream to get the value you want.

It was a terrific experience working with working with the team. Their valuation and advisory services process got us the results we wanted including a really clear understanding of where we were and the value levers that we needed to pull to get to where we wanted it to be.”

Shaun Skillin
former President, Internetwork Experts Corporation (acquired by MyTech Partners)

“iTV’s due diligence process was excellent and Reed has a deep understanding of the MSP space. They made it very smooth and easy to do. Everything they said came to fruition, so it wasn’t intimidating at all. Their team was really patient, communicative and very responsive. Also, Reed did a wonderful job presenting the merger as a good deal for both of us, both the buyer and the seller. He had my best interest in mind as well as that of the buyer, which made me feel confident that I wasn’t leaving anything on the table or that I was not understanding everything. Reed did a fantastic job of explaining that iTV wanted this to be a good deal for everyone in it, which it turned out to be.

The biggest reason I’d recommend iTV is they get things done. They don’t leave you hanging because I’ll tell you what, when you sell your business, it can be a very lonely transaction. You feel very insecure about if you’re making the right decisions and doing the right things. When you have somebody there, like iTV, that really understands and can talk to you about your business, it means a lot. You feel so much more comfortable. Having that comfort factor is just tremendous.”

Jeff Willems
President, CRSA Technologies

“The valuation came back within the range that I needed to move forward. Then, began the other process of how to transition someone who’s been such a key part of the organization. iTV was so thorough and Heidi and Reed are amazing. They know how to work with all the emotions that comes up on both sides during a sale. They really made sure that we were both comfortable with everything that was being agreed upon. Also, they were never stumped and addressed all our questions and concerns along the way, ensuring a smooth process. Exiting your company is something that most people don’t do often. So, there’s a lot of things to check off and it’s a scary process because you don’t know so much. ITV felt very much felt like guides through it all and were extremely relatable. ITV was a great neutral party making sure that both sides got what they wanted and everything was being done fairly.”

Gerson Crespo
former Founder & CFO, Dega Systems

“After 25 years of working with IT Services and Technology companies, I can tell you that a valuation analyst that does not specialize in valuing IT Services and Technology companies will almost always misrepresent the true value of the firm for failure to understand the industry attributes and idiosyncrasies that fundamentally drive value.” 

Reed Warren
Founder & CEO,
iT Valuations

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