Whether you and your partner’s paths are converging or diverging, it’s time to move on.

You’re looking to establish or dissolve a business partnership.

By transferring a partner, you’ll experience a rapid return to your vision and growth.

Here’s an overview of what to expect during the Partner Transfer Services process.

Merits of a TransferPHASE 1

The transfer process begins by examining the value of the firm. To calculate the value, we complete a comprehensive review of the financials.

Then, we undergo a normalization process to determine the true economic benefit stream of the organization. Next, we consider the impact of national, local and industry impacts on the organization. We also conduct a Cost of Capital analysis to look at the comparative risks of investing in the firm versus other investment opportunities.

We analyze the 8 value drivers of operational and market performance which drive the value of your firm. This analysis will provide recommendations in a written report to optimize the value of the firm and determine the return on investment of each of the recommendations.


Market-based Calculation of Value Report


Value Gap Analysis Report

This will provide the company with a calculated value of a 100% interest in the company on a controlling, non-marketable basis for a potential sale in a written report.

If shareholders choose to move forward with a partner transfer, we’ll enter Phase II.

Managing the TransferPHASE 2

Once the decision has been made to transfer the partnership, we’ll facilitate the equity transfer process.

Then, we’ll develop of the Statement of Intent (SOI) for the purchase of the shares being transferred.

This phase covers all the steps from the time the offer is presented till the end of the closing proceedings, including legal support and the drafting of all transfer documents. The nexus of activities center around these items:


Development of the Statement of Intent


Transfer Agreements for all shareholders including:

See details
  • Representations & Warrants
  • Non-Competes, Non-Solicits
  • Intellectual Property Rights Assignments
  • Operating Agreement inclusive of buy/sell terms and call/put rights

Facilitate closing proceedings and funding

“I want to thank iTV for all they’ve done. Even though I’m a bit speechless and filled with a ton of emotion, I know that they were the right company for our partner transfer. Their guidance and prayers were sorely needed more than they’ll ever know. I will be referring them to every business owner I know.”

Hector Ortiz
Founder & CTO, Dega Systems

“The valuation came back within the range that I needed to move forward. Then, began the other process of how to transition someone who’s been such a key part of the organization. iTV was so thorough and Heidi and Reed are amazing. They know how to work with all the emotions that comes up on both sides during a sale. They really made sure that we were both comfortable with everything that was being agreed upon. Also, they were never stumped and addressed all our questions and concerns along the way, ensuring a smooth process. Exiting your company is something that most people don’t do often. So, there’s a lot of things to check off and it’s a scary process because you don’t know so much. ITV felt very much felt like guides through it all and were extremely relatable. ITV was a great neutral party making sure that both sides got what they wanted and everything was being done fairly.”

Gerson Crespo
former Founder & CFO, Dega Systems

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