More Than a Multiple

Your company’s worth isn’t just a number; it’s your ultimate asset.

Countless IT Services firms are undervalued in the market, selling for far less than their true worth.

Relying solely on a standard EBITDA multiple can result in significant undervaluation, potentially leading to missed opportunities worth millions. At iTV, we employ a comprehensive approach, utilizing 24 meticulously selected value drivers to ascertain true value.

These 24 drivers encompass both financial and non-financial metrics, ensuring a holistic valuation of a company’s worth.

Valuations as a Service

Valuations as a Service (VaaS) empowers MSP owners with an annual valuation supplemented by three quarterly updates, meticulously tracking value enhancement quarter over quarter and year over year. In addition, you’ll receive 3-4 personalized recommendations geared towards amplifying and increasing your business’s value.

Valuations as a Service at itValuations
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Market-based Annual Calculation of Value Report

Gain insights into your asset’s worth with our thorough annual analysis.

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Quarterly Calculation of Value

Instant access to real-time valuations via our user-friendly dashboard, empowering informed decision-making.


Quarterly Value Review

Regular assessments to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

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Expert Consultation for Value Maximization

Tap into our expertise to unlock the full potential of your assets.

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